Infiniti Project Black S is a Q60 with F1 power-boost tech

The outrageous concept bolts a KERS system atop the powerful Q60S Red.

Infiniti has released images of a new high-performance coupe headed for the Geneva Motor Show. The Infiniti Project Black S promises 500 horsepower with technology inspired by Formula One race cars.

Based on the Q60S Red, the current range-topping performance coupe with a 400-horse twin-turbo V6, the Project Black S adds another 100 horsepower thanks to a Kinetic Energy Recovery System, or KERS in F1 parlance.

The hybrid technology has been seen on exotic supercars like the McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder thus far, but has yet to be used in a luxury coupe. The Cliffs Notes version is this: energy captured during braking is stored in a "reservoir" such as a battery pack or flywheel. When needed for pedal-to-the-floorboards acceleration, that energy released in a power boost equivalent to an entire Chevy Spark.

Visually, the Project Black S is a Q60 dialed up to eleven. Massive flares integrated into the body organically have increased the car's width substantially. These yawning wells are filled with black 21-inch wheels, and the front fascia now has three gaping intakes.

Aggressive side skirts line the rocker panels, while a wing that would make Ferruccio Lamborghini proud sits atop the decklid. Thanks to widened haunches, the rear appears to sport exit ducts for cooling the aft brakes while the squared-off rear rocks a broad diffuser reminiscent of the Nissan GT-R. The dual exhaust is also funneled out of twin pipes the size of small cannons shooting out of the center.

After a couple of stillborn attempts at a performance Q-ship, including the IPL and Eau Rogue versions, could Infiniti finally be getting serious about a production street fighter? Further details will be unveiled on March 6.

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