Jaguar F-Type to get four-cylinder engine?

The four-cylinder-powered F-Type is not expected to launch until 2016.

A report coming out of England indicates Jaguar is in the early stages of developing an entry-level variant of the F-Type sports car powered by a four-cylinder engine.

The four-cylinder under consideration is a brand new unit that is part of the Hotfire family. Reports claim it will have a displacement of roughly 2.0-liters and feature at least one turbocharger in order to squeeze out every available ounce of power, but its precise output is not currently known.

Although less expensive than the V6-powered model, the four-cylinder-powered F-Type will not necessarily be marketed as simply a cheaper and more efficient alternative. The entry-level F will be more agile than other members of the lineup because its engine will be mounted closer to the firewall, and it will be noticeably lighter than its more expensive siblings so Jaguar will likely bill it as a pure driver's car.

Additionally, the fuel-efficient four will help Jaguar lower its fleet-wide CO2 emissions and comply with ever-stricter fuel economy norms in Europe and in the United States.

If the rumor proves true, look for the four-cylinder-powered Jaguar F-Type to greet the public for the first time in late 2015 and land in showrooms shortly after as a 2016 model.

New Engine FamilyBoth diesel- and gas-burning variants of the upcoming Hotfire engine family will be offered in several states of tunes. The engine will be inaugurated by Jaguar's upcoming 3-Series-fighting sedan and gradually spread to numerous members of the Jaguar - Land Rover family including the next Freelander, the Evoque and the successor to the XF.

Photo by Mark Elias.

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