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Ian Callum to remake Jaguar's iconic MKII sedan

by Drew Johnson

Jaguar\'s design head is digging into the brand\'s past for his latest creation.

Jaguar's current design head, Ian Callum, is getting the chance to remake one of the automaker's all-time classics.

As a side project to his normal gig as Jaguar's design chief, Callum has struck a deal with the UK's Classic Motor Cars to create a one-off version of the iconic Jaguar MKII. Callum, along with a hand-picked team from CMC, will tweak the MKII's styling and engineering to fit modern tastes.

"This is the first classic Jaguar I have ever owned,” Callum said. "I have greatly admired the Jaguar MKII since I was a boy. Now I have the chance to ‘build' one to my exact design specifications."

He added: "To me, the MKII is one of the best looking saloons ever created but as a designer, naturally I want to change a number of details. For that reason, the car that CMC have chosen as donor car will be modified in many areas - both aesthetically and technically.”

Callum hasn't revealed all of the changes he has in mind, but says he plans to change the MKII's stance and simplify the car's exterior trim.

Although it won't ever appear in showrooms, we can't wait to see what Callum comes up with.

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