Jaguar C-X75 concept to inspire next-gen F-Type?

The car is rumored to adopt a mid-engined layout.

Jaguar's nearly decade-old C-X75 supercar concept may finally be dusted off as inspiration for the next-generation F-Type, according to a fresh rumor.

The company's designers and engineers are favoring a mid-engine hybrid configuration or even an all-electric powertrain for the next F-Type, switching away from the current mid-front architecture, sources have told Autocar.
The C-X75 was initially planned for limited production until the company decided in 2012 to kill the project and focus on higher-volume models. The production car would have dropped the concept's micro gas-turbine generators in favor of a more traditional hybrid setup with a four-cylinder forced-induction engine and a pair of electric motors.
Adding an internal-combustion powerplant would require the company to distort the C-X75's proportions with a longer hood unless the company is willing to spend its development resources on a mid-engine architecture.
Before departing JLR, former design director Ian Callum admitted an all-electric platform would solve the packaging issues. The I-Pace uses a modern electric 'skate' platform with a flat battery module beneath the floor. It is unclear if the architecture could be easily adapted for car like the C-X75, which may require modifications to the battery module for a lower seating position.
The company is likely under pressure to make a final decision in the near future.

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