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Panasonic Jaguar Racing shows off Gen II Formula E livery

by Byron Hurd

I-Type 3 Gen 2 shows some skin in advance of the Rome E-Prix.

Panasonic Jaguar Racing lifted the virtual sheet off its I-Type 3 Monday ahead of the Formula E Season 4 Rome E-Prix. The I-Type 3 is a second-generation Formula E car, and it won't actually hit the grid until next season.

For better or worse, the Gen 2 Formula E car was actually designed by FIA. The chassis features structural safety updates (including the cockpit "halo" which debuted in Formula 1 for the current season) and it comes with a new powertrain.

The latter has significant implications for the series, as the Gen 2 car's battery capacity has been increased sufficiently to allow drivers to use a single car for the duration of the race. Currently, teams must maintain two cars, which are swapped mid-race in an elaborate stop procedure which requires entering (and departing again from) the team garage.

Gen 2 cars also get a power bump. During races, power output is capped at roughly 270 horsepower. During qualifying, that ceiling is raised to approximately 335 horsepower.