Jaguar updates I-Pace software for more range

Programming tweaks are claimed to deliver 12 more miles of "real world" driving.

Jaguar has announced an I-Pace software update that promises to make the powertrain control systems more efficient.

The company says it has used technical knowledge gained from the I-Pace eTrophy racing series to improve battery management, thermal systems and all-wheel-drive torque control, adding "a potential extra 12 miles of real-world range."

To be clear, the increased efficiency is apparently conditional and does not change the I-Pace's official EPA rating of 234 miles with its 90-kilowatt-hour battery pack. Torque distribution between the front and rear motors will become more efficient when driving in Eco mode, while the active radiator vanes close more frequently to enhance aerodynamics across a wider range of conditions.

The battery has also been allowed to discharge to a lower state than previous limits, without affecting durability, according to Jaguar.

Owners will need to bring the crossover in to a service center to receive the revised software, which also adds improved support for future over-the-air updates.

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