Jaguar Land Rover developing 3D head-up display

The tech could help improve reaction times to road hazards.

Jaguar Land Rover has outlined plans to develop 3D display technology for next-generation head-up displays.

The project aims to project safety alerts in three-dimensional space, using augmented reality to add the perception of messages displayed directly on the road ahead. The technology could improve reaction times to lane departure warnings and hazard detection, or mitigate the effects of poor visibility in bad weather or lighting conditions.

"Studies conducted in Germany, show that the use of Stereoscopic 3D displays in an automotive setting can improves reaction times on 'popping-out' instructions and increases depth judgments while driving," JLR says.

The company also views 3D displays as potentially beneficial to entertainment. Adding head-tracking technology could ensure the 3D pictures can be seen without individual screens or special glasses.

3D HUD is still in the research phase of development. It is unclear if or when the technology will be ready for commercialization.

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