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1.56 million Jeeps still awaiting recall fix

by Drew Johnson

Chrysler still has not fixed 1.56 million Jeep vehicles recalled last year.

Jeep still has not started a recall issued last June to fix a potential fire hazard in 1.56 million utility vehicles.

After a short battle with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Chrysler's Jeep brand agreed to fix 1.56 million vehicles that could be prone to catch fire if involved in a rear-end collision. That settlement came seven months ago, but Chrysler has yet to fix a single Jeep as part of the campaign.

Chrysler told USA Today that it "has finalized replacement-part design and is initiating the tooling process to deliver the required volume." However, the Auburn Hills-based automaker failed to give a specific date for when the parts might be available.

The fix for the Jeep Liberty and Grand Cherokee models involved is essentially attaching a factory-offered trailer hitch.

The NHTSA declined to comment if it planned to take further action against Chrysler to speed the recall process.

"NHTSA does not comment on the details of open investigations. Throughout this process, NHTSA has been in close communication with Chrysler."

Chrysler maintains that the Jeep models included in the recall are just as safe as other vehicles on the road.

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