NHTSA closes Jeep Grand Cherokee braking investigation

The agency has declined to call for a recall.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has closed its investigation into Jeep Grand Cherokee braking complaints.

The agency had reviewed nearly 200 reports alleging improper activation of the automatic emergency braking system, including two complaints of full ABS engagement.

Investigators determined that brake activations commanded by the forward collision warning system are limited in force and duration. The agency also suggests the system cannot itself engage full ABS braking, unless the driver also applies the brakes.

"Analysis of field data found that unintended braking events occur randomly for a variety of causes and are not driven by any single environmental factor, traffic condition, or vehicle fault," the NHTSA wrote in its closing letter. "The incidents involve short duration moderate braking events with minimal changes in vehicle speed."

The 2014-2015 Grand Cherokee is said to perform as well or better than peer vehicles tested in the NHTSA's AEB assessment program. The agency has consequently declined to issue a recall recommendation for the approximately 95,000 Grand Cherokees equipped with such technology.

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