Report: FCA to open new assembly plant in Detroit to build three-row Grand Cherokee

Rather than build a new plant, the company is said to be repurposing an engine factory that has sat unused since 2012.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is reportedly planning to open a new assembly plant in Detroit.

Rather than construct an entirely new facility, the company is said to be planning to repurpose its Mack Avenue Engine II plant -- shut down since 2012 -- to serve as a vehicle assembly site, according to The Detroit News.

When retooling and renovations are complete, the new assembly plant is said to be used for building the three-row Jeep Grand Cherokee for the 2021 model year.

FCA currently builds the two-row Grand Cherokee at its Jefferson North plant, across the street from the idled Mack Avenue engine plant. The latest report suggests building the three-row SUV at the second assembly plant will allow the company to retool Jefferson North to build the next-generation of the two- and three-row Grand Cherokee.

A public announcement is expected at the end of next week.

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