UK investigating Jeep Grand Cherokee diesel emissions

The UK is now looking into the emissions levels of the Jeep Grand Cherokee diesel.

The United Kingdom says it will carry out its own emissions tests on the Jeep Grand Cherokee diesel after the Environmental Protection Agency discovered "undisclosed software” in the SUV's emissions system.

"We have instructed our Market Surveillance Unit to undertake testing on one of these vehicles at the earliest opportunity," a spokesman at the Department for Transport told Reuters.

There about about 3,700 Jeep Grand Cherokee diesels registered in the UK.

Despite the findings by the EPA, Jeep parent company Fiat Chrysler Automobiles denies any wrongdoing. "FCA US looks forward to the opportunity to meet with the EPA's enforcement division and representatives of the new administration to demonstrate that FCA US's emissions control strategies are properly justified and thus are not 'defeat devices' under applicable regulations and to resolve this matter expeditiously,” the company said in a statement.

The news of FCA's potential cheat device comes in the wake of Volkswagen's massive diesel emissions scandal. As a result of VW's scam, governments the world over are now taking a much closer look at diesel engine emissions.

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