Beached Jeep battles Hurricane Dorian waves, becomes local icon

The Grand Cherokee was abandoned in a botched attempt to capture a sunrise photo.

A Jeep Grand Cherokee abandoned on a hurricane-lashed beach has become a local icon and attracted national media attention.

Mystery initially surrounded the SUV's plight after it was found stuck in the sand on South Carolina's Grand Strand as Hurricane Dorian approached. Local news outlet WMBF decided to set up a camera and livestream the vehicle's struggle against the waves. The so-called "Jeep Watch 2019" quickly went viral, attracting locals to witness the action in person.
The Jeep's owner claims his cousin borrowed the SUV and drove onto the beach to capture a sunrise video but became stuck in the sand. By the time help arrived, the vehicle was deemed too far into the surf for a safe recovery. It was then left to the whims of the sea until conditions improved.
Some onlookers may have bet that the hurricane would wash the Grand Cherokee out to sea. It was ultimately recovered, however the damage is presumably extensive enough to be deemed a total loss.
One video shows a local bagpiper in sandals performing a solemn funeral dirge as the battered Grand Cherokee is finally dragged from the clutches of the unmerciful sea.
Hurricane Dorian is not yet finished causing destruction across the East Coast as it heads north toward Nova Scotia as a Category 1 cyclone.

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