Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk hits 175 mph on frozen lake

The Trackhawk set an SUV record on Russia's Lake Baikal.

Jeep's Grand Cherokee Trackhawk has set an SUV speed record on the frozen waters of Russia's Lake Baikal.

The Trackhawk's 710-horsepower 6.2-liter V8 launched the SUV to a GPS-tracked top speed of 175 mph on the slick water-covered ice, high enough to earn an entry in Russia's Book of Records.

The Russian Automobile Federation logged an average speed over a distance of 1 km of around 160 mph with a rolling start, while the average speed over the same distance fell to just 62 mph when taking off from a stop.

The Trackhawk was brought to the annual Speed Days of the Baikal Ice Motor Sports Festival, an event that sounds like Russia's colder equivalent to the Bonneville Speed Week held on Utah salt flats.

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