Jeep's pickup will be a convertible

The Wrangler-based model could resurrect the Scrambler nameplate.

So far, spy shots showing Jeep's long-awaited Wrangler-based pickup truck have only depicted the model with a hard top. Sources close to the company recently revealed the list of options will include a removable soft top.

Automotive News reports owners will be able to lower the top or remove it entirely, meaning the model (which could resurrect the Scrambler nameplate) will be a full convertible. If that's accurate, Jeep is on the verge of launching the first topless truck since the Dodge Dakota Convertible broke cover in 1989 -- the Chevrolet SSR notwithstanding.

In hindsight, Jeep gave us a thinly-veiled preview of the Wrangler-based truck when it introduced the Crew Chief 175 concept (pictured) at last year's Easter Jeep Safari. The model borrowed the Wrangler's bones but it received a retro-inspired front end. Jeep said the Crew Chief would influence the Wrangler truck, but exactly how was unclear until now.

We've already seen the all-new 2018 Jeep Wrangler. Production is under way, and it's scheduled to make its public debut next week during the Los Angeles Auto Show. Buyers waiting for the truck will need to be patient, because production isn't scheduled to kick off until November of 2018. Nothing is official yet, but we'd bet on seeing it next year at the LA show.

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