New York LIVE: Kia HabaNiro concept

The unique EV design study is billed as "The Everything Car."

Kia has converted its small Niro crossover into a 'spicy' new concept known as the HabaNiro.

Billed as an "Everything Car" or ECEV, the HabaNiro omits the B-pillar and attaches all four doors on butterfly hinges. It is fully electric, all-wheel drive and presented as a Level 5 fully autonomous vehicle.

"We wanted this concept to be comfortable navigating city streets, carving turns on a coastal road and off-roading with confidence to remote wilderness adventures," says Kia Design Center America VP Tom Kearns. "We imagined a car for everyone and nearly everything."

The Niro's front end has been reworked, adopting a shark-snout grille with a gap full of gloss aluminum "teeth." EV architecture allowed the wheels to be shifted toward the corners, while aluminum skid plates and tow hooks add a rugged appearance.

Kia says the HabaNiro is "no fanciful supercar that will never be built," but rather a prescient look at the company's vision for the future.

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