Kia SUV survives drive with '200 walnuts' under hood

Squirrels were apparently responsible for a couple's simultaneous car troubles.

A Pennsylvania couple has unexpectedly gained national fame after discovering hundreds of nuts stashed in their Kia SUV.

Holly and Chris Persic both experienced nearly simultaneous car trouble on Monday, with a burning smell and "weird sound" coming from their Kia and engine trouble with a nearly brand-new truck.
A photo posted on Facebook shows the SUV's engine compartment filled with walnuts and grass.
"Long story short, if you park outside, do yourself a favor and check under the hood every once in awhile," Chris said. "My truck may have had a squirrel chew through/pull out a fuel injector hose, and Holly's looked like they were storing up for the next 3 winters. Was absolutely nuts...no pun intended."
Damage from rodents can be particularly mysterious and frustrating for vehicle owners, especially when animals chew through deeply buried wiring harnesses. Honda even offers a potential solution, labeled "rodent tape," that is laced with capsaicin from chili peppers to deter critters from chowing down on vehicle components.

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