Hyundai-Kia tests wireless charging for Soul EV

The automaker is working with the Department of Energy to bring the technology closer to production feasibility.

Hyundai-Kia has detailed a development program that aims to bring wireless EV charging closer to a production reality.

The automaker has teamed with wireless power specialist Mojo Mobility to work on the project, with assistance and grant funding from the Department of Energy.

Several automakers have announced similar pilot programs for inductive charging systems geared for electric vehicles, however the technology has not yet eliminated the need to use charging cables for production vehicles.

The Korean automakers are starting by building a power transfer system capable of running at 10 kW with a grid-to-vehicle efficiency of more than 85 percent. As the technology progresses, engineers are working on user-friendly systems that allow the vehicle to be misaligned with the inductive coil on the ground.

In phase two, the companies plan to demonstrate a wireless charger on the Soul EV with a "record" efficiency of 92 percent. Finally, for the final stage, the Soul EV fleet will be used to gather real-world data to assess durability, compatibility and safety, among other important considerations for a production system.

The automakers have not yet outlined a potential launch window for the technology, suggesting it may still be far away from a wide market arrival.

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