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Audi stalling Lamborghini Urus final greenlight?

by Justin King

Audi bosses do not share Lamborghini\'s enthusiasm, sources claim.

Lamborghini's foray into the luxury SUV segment may not be headed to market anytime soon, amid reports of resistance from bosses at parent Audi.

The raging bull's head of R&D recently suggested the Urus was on track for 2017 production, likely with a price tag to match the Huracan, however an unnamed insider now suggests the final greenlight has been delayed.

"We are convinced the Urus can significantly boost global sales, but the financial conditions need to be sound," the anonymous source told Autocar.

Volkswagen Group is on track to have a successful year, but its leadership is said to be fearful of a global economic downturn and particular trouble in the Middle East -- one of Lamborghini's most important markets, behind the US and China.

CEO Stephan Winkelmann also recently backtracked on hints of production for the recently-unveiled Asterion concept, firmly dismissing its hybrid system as too heavy for the racetrack.

At the moment, the Italian brand is having no trouble pushing its supercars. The Huracan has already racked up 3,000 sales in just 10 months, while overall sales are up 50 percent for the first nine months of the year.

Photo by Mark Elias.

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