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Geneva LIVE: Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 Superveloce

by Justin King

Aventador-based SV offers less weight, more power.

Lamborghini has finally unveiled its new Aventador LP 750-4 Superveloce, a lightweight, 750-horsepower, track-dominating supermachine, at the Geneva Motor Show.

The LP 750-4 SV features a 6.5 liter, naturally aspirated V12 engine, boasting the aforementioned 750hp at 8,400 RPM (just 100 RPM shy of redline) and more than 500lb-ft of torque. Lamborghini claims this is good enough for a zero-to-62 mph run in 2.8 seconds on the way to a top speed just north of 217 mph (350 km/h).

Power modifications include optimized variable valve timing and a performance-tuned, lightweight exhaust resulting in lower back pressure. The engine is mated to Lamborghini's ISR transmission, which it claims is the quickest automated manual gearbox in the world.

At 3,362lbs, the SV is 110lbs lighter than the Aventador on which it is based, owing to lightweight body components and accessories, including all-new doors, rocker panels and fenders. Inside, trim has been removed to save weight, and the seat shells are made from carbon fiber. The seats are upholstered in alcantara with leather inserts, and the instrument cluster is all-new.

The body has been aerodynamically tuned for maximum downforce and minimum excess drag. The rear wing can provide a 15% variation in the aero balance of the car, allowing the driver to fine-tune its profile whether on the road or track. The front end has been redesigned to maximize grip at turn-in, and the larger air intakes provide additional air to the V12 under the hood.

The SV's pushrod suspension system incorporates Lamborghini's adaptive Magneto Rheological Suspension (MRS), giving it the ability to respond instantly to road conditions and driver inputs. Paired with LDS (Lamborgini Dynamic Steering), it should provide drivers with impeccable control.

"The new Aventador Superveloce continues the Lamborghini tradition of SV models, pushing the boundaries in terms of performance and pure driving emotion," says Stephan Winkelmann, President and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini.

Lambo's top-spec Aventador is expected to go on sale by the end of the year.

Live photos by Ronan Glon.

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