Lamborghini considering launching 2+2 coupe, true off-roader

The company wants to expand its line-up of models, but how?

Lamborghini embarked on a model offensive when it released the Urus in late 2017. The family-friendly, V8-powered SUV has helped the small company significantly increase its annual sales. Lamborghini doesn't want to become as mainstream as Honda, but it confirmed it still has room to grow before it begins to dilute its image.

Speaking to Motor Trend, Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali admitted his team is still looking into the possibility of launching a fourth model. It would likely arrive as a 2+2 coupe in the vein of the Asterion concept (pictured) introduced during the 2014 Paris auto show. The company is in the process of deciding which platform to build the car on. It could use the architecture found under the Porsche Panamera and the Bentley Continental GT, which would allow it to power the model with gasoline engines, and release a plug-in hybrid variant if needed. Alternatively, it could go electric by borrowing the PPE platform from the upcoming Porsche Taycan.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, Lamborghini is also considering making a second SUV inspired by the LM002. Motor Trend learned customers often ask Lamborghini for an off-roader like the LM002, and the original model -- of which 347 examples were made -- is shooting up in value. The SUV hasn't received the green light for production yet, but Lamborghini is at least looking into it.

The 2+2 coupe would likely arrive as a regular addition to the Lamborghini line-up; it would compete in the same space as the Ferrari GTC4Lusso. The SUV -- assuming it's approved -- would probably be a limited-edition model, and priced accordingly. We don't expect to see either model in the metal before the end of 2019, but we could learn more about how Lamborghini will expand its portfolio in the coming months.

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