Lamborghini seriously considering off-road Huracan Sterrato for production?

Rumors point to a production run of up to 1,000 units with a $270,000 price tag.

Lamborghini's Huracán Sterrato may have seemed like a mere design study, however a fresh rumor suggests the off-road supercar is being seriously considered for production.

The company has allowed Automobile to take a test drive in a prototype on its Nardo test track and off-road, confirming the project has already moved beyond a CAD rendering or limited-function show car.

"Even though the budget is quite tight--it always is at Lamborghini--the provisional business case suggests that we can build this car at a profit," Lamborghini CTO Maurizio Reggiani told Automobile.

Unconfirmed rumors indicate the Raging Bull marque may be planning a production run of up to 1,000 units, each with a price tag equivalent to around $270,000.

Rally-inspired Porsche models and other high-riding custom cars have become increasingly popular in recent years. Building the Sterrato potentially allows Lamborghini to fill out its lineup with a truly unique special-edition that captures this trend, without the development costs of an all-new crossover to slot between the company's low-slung cars and the higher-riding Urus.

"While the Urus is clearly more SUV than sports car, the Sterrato is a Huracán with the abilities of a crossover," Reggiani said.

If the Sterrato does get a green-light for production, it could arrive in showrooms as early as 2021.

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