Lamborghini says Sian won't inspire Aventador successor

The company apparently wants its seven-figure models to retain styling exclusivity.

Lamborghini has shot down speculation that the Sian flagship will serve as inspiration for the Aventador's successor.

Speaking to Autocar, Lamborghini design head Mitja Borkert admitted that the Aventador shared a close design relationship with the Reventon, which arrived late in the Murcielago's life cycle.
"This is exactly what I don't want to have," Borkert said. "There will not be this [Sian] language in the new Aventador."
The designer also flatly denied that the Sian will have a styling influence on any new Lamborghini model on the roadmap for the entire 2020s decade.
The Raging Bull marque wants the Sian to be truly unique, even across the 63 individual examples. Buyers will be encouraged to extensively customize their cars. Borkert promises each will "look completely different."
The flagship also features a unique powertrain, pairing the company's iconic naturally aspirated V12 with a supercapacitor and electric motor. The sources provided a combined 819 horsepower.
Encouraging customization will presumably help Lamborghini push the average selling price beyond the $3.6 million entry point.

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