Jaguar finally wins Chinese lawsuit over Evoque knockoff

Jiangling Motor Corp (Ford's joint-venture partner) has been ordered to stop selling the Land Wind X7.

Jaguar Land Rover has finally achieved victory in its years-long legal battle over a Chinese knockoff.

Most Westerners would presumably agree that Jiangling Motor Corporation's Land Wind X7 (pictured) is a brazen knockoff of the Land Rover Evoque. It took three years of wrangling to get Chinese courts to agree, however.

Described by JLR as a "first" in the global car industry, the Beijing court ruling will force JMC to stop selling the Land Wind X7 and pay compensation to the British automaker.

"The decision issued by the Beijing Chaoyang District Court decreed that the Evoque has five unique features that were copied directly in the Landwind X7 built by Jiangling Motor Corporation and that the similarity of the two vehicles has led to widespread consumer confusion," JLR says.

China's protectionist laws force foreign automakers to establish 50:50 joint ventures with local firms to build cars locally and avoid extreme import tariffs. Ford has maintained such a joint venture with JMC for nearly a decade, apparently expanding the partnership in recent years despite JMC's blatant disregard for intellectual property regulations. To be clear, however, the knockoff was built by JMC itself and not through Jiangling-Ford joint venture.

Image by Ronan Glon.

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