Land Rover unveils 2020 Defender

The modern Defender aims to be even more off-road capable than its predecessor.

Land Rover has finally revealed the 2020 Defender, modernizing the iconic SUV with new technology while maintaining some of its classic styling.

The company's branding centers around off-road adventures, yet most of the current lineup is arguably geared for the majority of buyers who rarely if ever take their vehicles on a dirt road.
The Defender has also been redesigned for more comfort on all road conditions, while also improving the SUV's capabilities as an overland tool.Buyers will be presented with the two-door Defender 90 or the larger four-door Defender 110, both of which will be available in four different configurations: Adventure, Country, Explorer, and Urban. The SUV keeps its boxy form, with and angled windshield and slightly rounded corners to improve aerodynamics.
Despite its relatively compact size, the Defender has a payload rating of nearly one ton and can handle a static roof load of 660 pounds and tow more than 8,200 pounds. The SUV also benefits from plenty of ground clearance and can wade through three feet of water.
The interior is designed for flexibility, with a 5+2 available layout on the Defender 110 and a center front jump seat.US customers will have a choice between a turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 296 horsepower and a six-cylinder mild hybrid powertrain with 395 horsepower and 506 pound-feet of torque. The former can bring the SUV to 60 mph in 7.7 seconds, while the latter slashes the acceleration benchmark to 5.8 seconds.
The redesigned 2020 Defender will start at $49,900, or $62,500 for the hybrid variant.

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