Land Rover Defender to get remote-control tech for rock crawling?

Drivers may no longer need a trail spotter when maneuvering over extreme terrain.

Land Rover is reportedly working on a low-speed remote control system for the new Defender.

The technology would allow a driver to hop out of the car when navigating extreme terrain, essentially serving as their own spotter without the need for a two-person team.
Speaking to Autocar, chief product engineer Stuart Frith confirmed that the new Defender is already capable of such feats "in terms of its architecture," extending the SUV's existing 3D Scout system.
"We've got as far as understanding how to do it, and we've run prototypes as well," he added.
The report notes that legislation could be a potential hurdle, though a remote-control system for off-road environments may be able to dodge certain restrictions that may only apply to autonomous technology enabled on public roads.

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