Land Rover product line could grow to 16

Land Rover could offer as many as 16 vehicles by 2020.

Just a few short years ago Land Rover's vehicle portfolio consisted of just three main vehicle lines, but that figure could grow to 16 by the end of the decade as the British automaker looks to expand in China and better take on rivals like BMW.

According to Autocar, Land Rovers is planning a massive product expansion by 2020. Land Rover's new products will build on the brand's current family of vehicles, expanding into both lower and upper segments of the market.

In what Land Rover design director Gerry McGovern calls a "holistic approach”, the automaker will expand its Range Rover Evoque line to include a larger 'Evoque XL' model to fill the gap between the current Evoque and Range Rover Sport as well as a new convertible model. Land Rover is also considering a new entry-level Range Rover model that would arrive with a three-door configuration.

Land Rover is also planning five new ‘leisure' models. Land Rover's ‘leisure' range is slated to include an entry-level version of the LR2, an updated LR2 with five- and seven-seat options and a revise LR4 to better take on the popular BMW X5. Land Rover's X5-rival could be based on a new aluminum platform, potentially shared with corporate partner Jaguar.

Keeping true to its heritage Land Rover is also developing a new line of 'utility' vehicles. Of course the venerable Defender will be part of that series, with five- and seven-passenger versions of the SUV planned, along with a pickup truck variant. Land Rover is also moving forward with a production version of the Evoque-based DC100.

Land Rover's new lineup won't be cheap to implement, but Jaguar Land Rover boss Ralf Speth has committed nearly $16 billion to the project over the next five years.

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