Land Rover kills plans for Defender pickup

The company is still expected to launch a stretched Defender 130 SUV.

Land Rover has apparently dropped plans to build a pickup variant of its new Defender.

The dual-cab pickup edition had been listed on a leaked PowerPoint presentation. Rumors suggested it would be based on the longer Defender 130 and arrive late next year or early in 2021.
A Jaguar Land Rover insider now tells Australia's Motoring that such a project is no longer in the works.
"Why would you buy a dual-cab ute when you see what you can put in the back of one of these - this is already a ute with a roof," the source argued, using the Aussie term for a pickup truck.
Land Rover so far has revealed only the short two-door Defender 90 and four-door Defender 110. The stretched 130 edition is said to be more than a foot longer than the 110.

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