Lego Technics' Land Rover Defender kit features working winch, gearbox

The four-speed transmission has a low- and high-range selection.

Lego's Technics division has unveiled a complex kit for the new Land Rover Defender.

The 2,573-piece model was developed with help from Land Rover to include realistic bodywork and functions, including fully independent suspension and an inline six-cylinder engine with moving pistons.
The scale Defender integrates Lego Technics' most advanced gearbox yet, with two levers that switch between four gears and high or low range. The little off-roader even features a working winch.
The model is geared for ages 11+ and measures over eight inches high and 16 inches long. The kit isn't cheap, with a ~$200 price tag when it arrives in stores starting next month.

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