Next-gen Land Rover Defender will spawn broad range of models

Land Rover hinted at powerful, luxurious variants.

The last-generation Land Rover Defender phased out in early 2016 was offered in three basic variants: a short-wheelbase two-door model, a long-wheelbase four-door model, and a four-door pickup. Due out in 2019, its replacement (pictured) will spawn an even broader line-up of models, according to a recent report.

"When you see our announcements around this car, you will see it will be a very wide, stretched range. We will compete with some of the volume manufacturers, but we will also go up to very powerful, very luxurious versions of the Defender," revealed Mark Cameron, the head of Jaguar-Land Rover's Australian division, in an interview with Australian website Motoring.

While he stopped short of providing additional details about the future Defender range, his comments suggest some variants of the truck will be priced well into Range Rover territory. They'd presumably be aimed right at the second-generation Mercedes-Benz G-Class, an upmarket off-roader which starts at approximately $125,000 in the United States.

Like the G, even the most expensive variants of the Defender will be surprisingly capable off the beaten path.

"The new Defender is going to be the most capable car we've ever built," Cameron said. His comments echo those made previously by other Land Rover executives, and create exceptionally high expectations for the upcoming model. We expect it will make its public debut during the 2019 Frankfurt auto show in September, and it will arrive in American showrooms before the end of 2020.

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