Land Rover preparing rally-ready Evoque Coupe?

A set of mysterious patent images might have revealed Land Rover\'s rally ambitions.

A set of technical drawings leaked out of a Chinese patent office might indicate that Land Rover is preparing a rugged, rally-going variant of the popular Evoque Coupe.

Visually, the rally-only Evoque stands out from the regular-production model thanks to a more aggressive appearance characterized by a noticeably raised ground clearance, four air vents on the hood and skid plates all around. The air scoop on the roof hints that the Evoque is powered by a mid-mounted engine, while large mudflaps on all four corners finish off the look.

The standard alloy wheels shown in the technical drawings will undoubtedly be replaced by rally-spec units mounted on off-road tires.

Although pure speculation, the crossover could be designed jointly by Land Rover and motorsport partner Bowler to compete in rally events around the world. The Evoque could be billed as a more affordable alternative to Bowler's current lineup of Range Rover-based creations.

A second - and less credible - explanation is that the images preview a limited-edition, butched-up version of the Evoque aimed at the Chinese market. If that proves true, the Evoque will retain its front-mounted engine in order to remain street legal.

Unsurprisingly, Land Rover has not commented on the technical drawings. If they truly preview a Bowler-modified variant of the Evoque, look for it to debut at a major rally event over the next few months.

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