Evoque copy to go on sale next month

Land Rover can\'t stop LandWind from selling the X7.

The LandWind X7, better known as the Chinese knock-off of the Land Rover Ranger Rover Evoque, is set to go on sale next month despite complaints from Jaguar Land Rover that it's a blatant copy of its compact utility vehicle.

Following its unveiling at the Guangzhou Motor Show later last year, JLR execs were up in arms over the design of the X7, and rightfully so. The X7 presented in Guangzhou was a near carbon copy of the Evoque, including its interior and exterior designs.

JLR attempted to block the LandWind X7 from going on sale in China, where the Evoque is already for sale, but Chinese authorities dismissed the case. With no further recourse, the X7 will go on sale next month.

"We can't do anything. I hope the Chinese customer at the end of the day sees the difference and selects the real product and not a copied one. We hope they generate a self-regulation process so that they can get rid of this kind of copy-paste way of working,” JLR boss Ralf Speth told Autocar India.

Although it might be difficult to tell which vehicle is which from looks alone, there is plenty to differentiate the two vehicles when it comes to price. Whereas the actual Evoque lists from about $62,000 in China, the LandWind X7 will carry an asking price of just $22,000.

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