Range Rover Evoque Coupe bites the dust

Land Rover won\'t make a two-door variant of the next-gen model.

Last year, we reported Land Rover decided to kill the two-door Coupe variant of the Evoque in the United States. The British company has announced the decision now applies to every market it's present in around the globe.

Anonymous sources told British magazine Autocar the four-door model represents 95 percent of Evoque sales worldwide. That means the remaining five percent slice gets divided between the Coupe and the Convertible. While the top-less model is a halo car, one that boosts Land Rover's image, the Coupe simply takes up production capacity and resources.

These figures make it difficult for Land Rover officials to present a business case defending the Evoque Coupe. Falling sales across the Jaguar - Land Rover portfolio complicate the matter. The global drop in demand for two-door cars adds insult to injury.

Land Rover is in the final stages of developing the next-generation Evoque, according to Autocar. Don't expect drastic changes; it will borrow styling cues from the Velar while keeping roughly the same footprint and silhouette as the outgoing model. It's reasonable to assume the Coupe model won't return, though we're likely to see another Convertible launched at the same time as the four-door.

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