Land Rover unveils smartphone-controlled Range Rover Sport [video]

The technology makes driving less stressful both on and off the road.

Land Rover has introduced an experimental Range Rover Sport that can be controlled using a smartphone.

A purpose-designed application makes it possible to remotely control the steering, the brakes and the accelerator as well as shift from high to low range. The software only works if the driver is standing within 10 yards of the vehicle and if it detects the smart key. The SUV simply stops moving if the driver gets too far.

Land Rover explains the smartphone-controlled Range Rover Sport is much more than a life-sized RC car for adults. If the technology reaches production, it will allow owners to walk alongside their SUV at speeds of up to 4 mph and easily maneuver out of challenging off-road situations. Alternatively, the remote-controlled technology will make it possible for drivers to back out of a tight spot when someone is parked too close to them.

The experimental Range Rover is also fitted with a host of sensors and cameras that allow it to make a 180-degree turn by itself. The driver can maneuver out of a dead end by pushing a button, a technolgoy that Land Rover says will make driving less stressful both on and off the road.

A timeframe for when we can expect the first remote-controlled Land Rover was not given but it might be closer than we imagine. For what it's worth, BMW introduced a similar technology on the all-new 2016 7 Series.

What's next?

Jaguar - Land Rover engineers are developing an autonomous technology called Solo Car. Still at the embryonic stage of development, the Solo Car will be able to drive itself even when lane markings are absent such as in the desert or during heavy snow storms.

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