Driver flips Range Rover while attempting J-turn

The entire fiasco was caught on a homeowner\'s security camera.

A wannabe stunt driver has learned a harsh lesson in physics by attempting a J-turn in his Range Rover on a suburban street.

Caught on the home security camera of a homeowner with an expensive new lawn ornament, the driver is seen accelerating up the street with his Range Rover pointed in the correct direction. Then, for reasons unknown and while there is still traffic on the residential street, the driver puts the SUV in reverse and floors it.

Just as the Range Rover enters the frame of the security camera — really, it could not have been better timed — the driver attempts a J-turn. The maneuver, used in Hollywood and by law enforcement to quickly change vehicle direction 180 degrees in a pursuit, goes awry when the Range Rover's high center of gravity tumbles it like a dog's chew toy across the driveway.

Amazingly, the Range Rover lands on tacky aftermarket wheels, but not before blowing out most of its tinted windows, ejecting an unsecured subwoofer box, as well as what looks to be an airsoft gun.

Despite the fact that crossovers and SUV sales rates are outpacing that of sedans, many drivers seem unaware that they cannot maneuver like traditional cars due to high centers of gravity. There's a reason why sports cars are low. Thankfully, this driver learned that lesson without injuring other drivers or innocent bystanders.

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