Land Rover shows 'reborn' 1978 Range Rover Classic

The three-door Range Rover is the latest vehicle carefully restored by Land Rover Classic technicians.

Land Rover has revealed its latest comprehensive restoration project, a 1978 three-door Range Rover Classic.

The factory-revitalized SUV is the second vehicle to showcase the company's Range Rover Reborn program, which allows customers to purchase a collectable vintage Range Rover directly from Land Rover Classic in the UK.

Every 'reborn' vehicle is restored according to the original 1970s factory specification using Land Rover Classic parts. The company's in-house restoration team provides guidance regarding the best options for base vehicles, such as the most collectable configurations and preferred chassis numbers.

The Range Rover was first launched in 1970 as a two-door SUV until the first four-door model arrived in 1981. Land Rover suggests the first-generation model was so popular it remained in production alongside the second-generation model for two years, prompting the name to be distinguished as the Classic Range Rover.

"It has maintained its most credible position as the ‘ultimate SUV' to this day, with a number of world firsts and records in its long and distinguished heritage," the company says. "During the 1970s, the Range Rover also became the first vehicle to be exhibited at the Louvre in Paris as an 'exemplary work of industrial design.'"

The Range Rover Reborn restorations start at £135,000 GBP (~$169,000 USD).

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