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Lexus to roll out Complete Lease program in four pilot markets

by Ronan Glon

The UX will be the only model available through Complete Lease.

Lexus will follow the path blazed by Volvo and launch a pilot program called Complete Lease in four markets across America. Envisioned as a subscription service, Complete Lease gives buyers an alternative to buying or leasing the new 2019 UX (pictured).

Motorists in Los Angeles, Miami, Boston, and Chicago will be eligible to participate in the Complete Lease program. They'll sign a two-year contract that includes the cost of the UX, insurance through an as-of-yet-unnamed provider, maintenance (including wear-and-tear items like tires and brake pads), plus tech features like SiriusXM.

Lexus will charge a flat rate for Complete Lease but it hasn't released pricing information yet. The monthly cost of the program will get added to the cost of leasing a UX so the final figure will vary depending on the model buyers chose. The base UX 200 starts at $32,000 before options and destination; the hybrid UX 250h retails for $34,000.

Participants will not be able to trade their UX for another vehicle, regardless of whether they want another UX (say, a hybrid model) or a bigger vehicle. The firm hasn't decided what happens if a subscriber opts out.

Lexus hinted it plans on expanding the Complete Lease program to other markets in the United States. It also wants to make it available on other models.

Complete Lease will be available in the four aforementioned markets when the UX goes on sale nationwide during the first quarter of 2019. Expect the firm to release full details (including pricing) before then.

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