Lexus Europe commissions LFA art car by Pedro Henriques

The Portuguese artist uses one of 50 LFA Nurburgring Editions as his canvas.

Lexus Europe has commissioned an art car using an LFA as a canvas for Portuguese artist Pedro Henriques.

The car was created to continue the marque's 10th anniversary, which began earlier this year with limited edition GS F and RC F models. The car is being used as a parade car at the Total 24 Hours of Spa, where a pair of Lexus RC F GT3 cars campaigned by Emil Frey Racing hope top capture pole position again. 2018 also marks the 70th anniversary of the famed enduro.

Though not specified as such in the press release, the art car appears to be one of just 50 LFA Nürburgring Editions built, denoted by its wing, front splitter, and canards. The Nurburgring Edition also came with a more race-oriented adjustable suspension, lightweight wheels, and 10 horsepower over "standard" versions for a total 563 from its 4.8-liter V10.

The LFA art car begins with a Whitest White base and adds flowing black lines over every surface. ""My inspiration for this livery was the idea of fluidity present in the contemporary life, where things are in constant movement and it's hard to freeze anything," Henriques said. "The lines in the drawings follow this feeling of going everywhere and never stopping; a progressive life."

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