Lincoln Aviator features 'musical alerts' recorded by Detroit Symphony Orchestra

The chimes blend recordings of violin, viola and percussion instruments.

Ford apparently believes Lincoln Aviator drivers will appreciate a more refined acoustic experience when the vehicle activates an alert chime.

The company commissioned the Detroit Symphony Orchestra to record a series of "symphonic chimes," blending notes played on the violin, viola, and percussion instruments.

Spanning from non-critical chimes to hard warning alerts, the samples will be used for more than two dozen functions in the Aviator.

Musicians were asked to experiment with different iterations of each chime and then listen to how the sounds are presented inside the vehicle. In some cases, more than 100 recordings were narrowed down to a single selection that will be used in the production SUV.

"For us, it was an organic process. We were constantly changing something. We would change a rhythm, or how fast we were playing, or we would change the pitch," said Eric Nowlin, principal viola for DSO. "Through that process, we were really able to hone our ideas."

The sounds will eventually be used across Lincoln's broader lineup.

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