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Lincoln Continental will likely have suicide doors once again

by Ben Hsu

Continentals haven\'t had rear-hinged doors since 1969.

Lincoln may bring back suicide doors on a forthcoming rendition of the Continental sedan, a memorable feature not seen on the nameplate since 1969.

News of the rear-hinged doors comes from the National Auto Dealers Association convention in Las Vegas, where according to Automotive News, Lincoln representatives "showed dealers a photo of the Continental with the rear-hinged doors and disclosed plans to build the model."

The news likely was not supposed to be revealed quite so soon, as dealers who passed along the info declined to be identified. A Lincoln spokesperson would not comment on the company's plans for the Continental, either.

Lincoln introduced suicide doors on the Continental model in 1961. During the lifetime of that generation, the Continental's fourth, the rear-hinged apertures became a signature feature of the brand. Such 1961-69 models are still valued by collectors today.

In the intervening decades, other vehicles have come with rear-hinged doors, most notably the Toyota FJ Cruiser, Honda Element, and Mazda RX-8.

In 2002, Lincoln brought back suicide doors for a 2002 Continental Concept vehicle but it failed to carry over into production. They've clearly been a long desired styling element for Lincoln. Looks like they finally have a good chance at a comeback.

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