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Lincoln's MKT will live on to carry the dead

by Ronan Glon

The MKT and the Aviator will co-exist in the foreseeable future.

Lincoln will soon replace the nine-year old MKT with the brand-new Aviator for the 2019 model year. Both models will share showroom space because the firm currently has no firm plans to discontinue the MKT.

Robert Parker, Lincoln's marketing manager, told industry trade journal Automotive News that the MKT will continue its career as a tried-and-true option for fleet buyers. Often painted black, it's notably popular as a hotel shuttle and, as you may have guessed by looking at its proportions, as a hearse. You might find a handful of examples on rental car lots, too.

Lincoln sold only 1,653 example of the seven-seater MKT during the first eight months of 2018. That's a rounding error at best, and it sounds like an accounting department's worst nightmare, but Automotive News explains the tooling required to build it has long been paid for so Lincoln has no incentive to trim the model from its line-up.

"It has a place. Just like a long snapper on a football team. Nobody knows their name, or cares, but if he screws up a snap, it's a bad day," Parker summed up.

Lincoln's consumer website lists the 2019 MKT's starting price as $49,500 before a mandatory $995 destination charge enters the equation. The firm has pared down the line-up to a single engine option -- a twin-turbocharged, 3.5-liter V6 -- and all-wheel drive.

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