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Lotus Exige Cup 430 Type 25 honors historic F1 cars

by Justin King

The Type 25 was the first Formula 1 car to use a fully stressed \'monocoque\' chassis design, paving the way for more championship-winning cars.

Lotus has revealed yet another limited-edition car, the Exige Cup 430 Type 25.

Described as the "most accomplished" Exige ever, the new configuration pays homage to the Lotus Type 25 Formula 1 race car that introduced monocoque chassis construction.

The modern Type 25 is finished in Lotus Racing Green or Old English White, with unique contrasting pinstripes starting at the carbon front splitter.

Engineers have added Nitron three-way adjustable dampers and Eibach adjustable anti-roll bars, while Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires are fitted to ultra-lightweight aluminum wheels. Other upgrades include forged four-piston AP Racing calipers, two-piece discs, titanium exhaust, carbon race seats and a wooden shift knob.

"Although the Lotus Exige Cup 430 Type 25 is street legal, it blurs the line between road and race car to provide owners with an unbeatable blend of power, road holding, intuitive handling at any speed," says Lotus CEO Jean-Marc Gales.

The Exige 430's supercharged V6 carries over unchanged, with 430 horsepower and 325 pound-feet of torque for a zero-to-60 mph sprint in just 3.2 seconds.

Only 25 examples will be produced, each carrying a price of around $150,000 in the UK.