Lotus promises Type 130 will be

Lotus promises Type 130 will be "mind-blowing" electric hypercar

The car will be revealed in London later this year.

Lotus has shed more light on its ambitious Type 130 project, an all-electric hypercar that aims to transform the brand.

Speaking at the FT Future of the Car Summit, attended by Car Magazine, Lotus chief Phil Popham promised the Type 130 will be a "mind-blowing hypercar" -- the first such vehicle to be designed, engineered, and built in the UK.

"We're very much focused on rebuilding the sports car business. When we've done that this brand has the strength to go beyond that. It could be GTs, crossovers, sporting sedans," he added.

The executive acknowledged that heavy batteries posed a challenge for the weight-obsessed automaker, hinting that the Type 130 may not be an ultra-long-range EV but rather a shorter-range lightweight coupe geared for short track sessions.

The company has only published a single vague teaser sketch so far, ahead of a bigger reveal sometime later this year.