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Maserati recalls Ghibli to replace wheel bearings

by Justin King

The issue has been traced to an insufficient hardening process at a supplier.

Maserati has issued a recall for a small batch of 2015 Ghibli sedans to replace the front wheel bearings.

The right and left bearings may have been manufactured with insufficient hardness, which can lead to early failure.

"An insufficiently hardened front wheel bearing will not be able to withstand high heat transfers which is normally experienced in certain driving conditions, especially if the vehicle is carrying heavier loads, and can potential fail, increasing the risk of a crash," the recall notification warns.

The first field claim involved an incident in China, prompted by noise and vibration issues experienced during normal driving conditions.

The defective hardening process is said to have been limited to a single day on the production line, affecting a batch of just 158 parts. Maserati identified 99 vehicles potentially equipped with the suspect components, with just seven listed in the US-market recall.

The 2015 Ghibli is currently subject to four recall campaigns, addressing issues ranging from fuel-leak fires to tie-rod separation.

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