Maserati GranTurismo Zeda celebrates end of production

The Modena factory is being retooled for a new high-performance sports car.

Maserati has revealed the GranTurismo Z├ęda, a unique two-tone car that celebrates the end of production for the current GranTurismo and GranCabrio at the company's Modena factory.

The shifting color scheme -- from Maserati blue in the front, to an 'electric' silver metallic hue in the rear -- is said to represent a bridge between the brand's history and future.
The GranTurismo isn't dead, instead re-launching in 2021 as an all-new model that will be among Maserati's full range of cars available with an all-electric powertrain. The all-new GranCabrio will follow in 2022 alongside the next-gen Quattroporte.
In the meantime, the Italian performance marque is planning to launch an all-new high-performance sports car next year. The model has not been identified but could be the Alfieri, perhaps launching in its battery-powered configuration to serve as an electric halo car to inaugurate the brand's EV onslaught.
"Work is already under way to update the [Modena] production line in view of a total renovation that will see the facility devoted to the construction of the new super sports model, a high-performance car, characterized by state-of-the art technology and scheduled to launch in 2020," the company says.

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