Mazda to unveil production EV in Tokyo

The mystery model promises to deliver 'enjoyable' performance.

Mazda has confirmed plans to reveal its first mass-production electric vehicle later this year at the Tokyo Motor Show.

The company has not provided any specific details, vaguely promising the mystery model will deliver "performance drivers can enjoy effortlessly and whole-heartedly."
The Japanese automaker's European design boss last year vowed the model will not look like a "fridge" or"digital" like some other EVs.
The comments could hint at a more traditional styling, or perhaps a sporty aesthetic that is still distinct but without the bizarre wheel caps or bright contrast accents that other automakers have employed to visually distinguish electric models. The Vision Coupe concept (pictured) previewed Mazda's intentions for its Kodo design language, potentially serving as inspiration for an EV.
In any case, the vehicle is expected to be a standalone model rather than an all-electric adaptation of an existing offering. The company previously indicated plans to launch a rotary-engine range extender, essentially mimicking the BMW i3 strategy by using a small gasoline powerplant as a generator.
More details could surface ahead of Mazda's October 23 press conference.

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