Mazda reveals MX-30 EV with 'Freestyle Doors'

The company still hasn't divulged any powertrain details.

Mazda has officially revealed the 2020 MX-30 crossover, the company's first all-electric model.

The EV features 'Freestyle' rear doors, hinged at the back with no B-pillar. The design takes inspiration from the RX-8, scaled up for a high-riding model.
The company says the MX-30 is equipped with a new electric drive technology referred to as e-Skyactiv. No specifications have been announced, however.
Unconfirmed reports point to a seemingly small 35.5-kWh battery pack that would likely give the crossover a range of around 120-150 miles. Less certain rumors suggest the Japanese automaker may sell another variant with a small Wankel engine operating as a range extender.
So far, the company has only confirmed the MX-30 for European markets starting next year.

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