2019 Mazda Miata gets more power, comfort upgrades

Mazda\'s convertible gets an appreciable power bump for 2019.

It's official: The 2019 Mazda Miata gets a significant power bump to go with some other upgrades in what marks the first set of significant changes to the company's convertible since the ND generation was launched in 2015. The power bump was first rumored back in March, and then later confirmed by a report.

For 2019, the MX-5 gets an additional 26 horsepower (up from 155 to 181) thanks to a re-tuned engine with a significantly higher red line (up from 6,800 to 7,500 RPM). As one might expect, the peak power shifts upward quite a bit in that band, now coming at 7,000 RPM. Mazda engineers lightened the pistons and connecting rods to allow for greater engine speed, the company says. The updated engine brings with it some refinements to the drivetrain, including a new dual-mass flywheel.

Those updates also mandated changes to the engine head, which required exhaust updates to accommodate the increased flow. In the process, the exhaust itself was re-engineered and now delivers what Mazda describes as a "richer" tone.

That's not all the iconic two-seater is getting for 2019. Now standard is a a rear-view camera along with a telescoping steering wheel--a huge upgrade for those who have traditionally struggled to fit into the tight cabin. Mazda is also offering some safety upgades from its i-ACTIVSENSE suite if that's your cup of tea.

A new brown canvas top option will presumably accompany some new paint finish options, but we'll have to wait until closer to the 2019's release (this fall) to see for certain.

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