Mazda reveals removable hardtop for Miata

It's part of a weekend racer package.

Ahead of the Tokyo Auto Salon in January, Mazda has revealed a removable hard-top for the Roadster (sold as the MX-5 Miata in the US).

Called the Mazda Roadster Drop-Head Coupe concept, the goal was to provide owners with a car they can take to the track on weekends. Unlike the MX-5 RF, this roof doesn't retract or fold. Instead, it harkens back to factory hardtops available on classic Miatas of the first and second generations. As of now, it appears to exist only in gray, even though the display car is Soul Red Crystal Metallic.

Furthermore, the concept adds a front lip and side skirts, towing hooks front and rear, and lightweight 16-inch Rays forged aluminum wheels. Beneath the skin are a limited-slip differential, performance clutch and flywheel, performance air intake, and reinforced bushings. Cabin-wise, the concept adds Recaro seats and aluminum pedal set.

Mazda says the hardtop enhances rigidity, but there are no current plans as of yet to sell any of the accessories on the car. Often, though, what appears at the Tokyo Auto Salon makes it into production depending on the public's reaction, so we shall soon see.

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