NY Preview: Mazda to show 15 historic Miata MX-5s for 25th anniversary

Display to feature production versions, special editions, concept cars across 25-year history.

Mazda has announced that it has created a dedicated booth at the New York auto show to serve as a Miata MX-5 museum, highlighting the roadster's 25-year anniversary.

The booth will feature 15 MX-5 vehicles, including auto-show concepts, race cars, special editions and production models. The company promises "the biggest birthday party yet" for the nameplate.

"MX-5 Miata is the quintessential Mazda," said Mazda North America chief Jim O'Sullivan. "And after 25 years, every vehicle in the lineup continues to feature some characteristic of MX-5: a fluid shifter, lightness on its feet, quickness around a corner, a fun-to-drive DNA."

Mazda boasts global sales exceeding 930,000 units since the original MX-5 was introduced in 1989 at the Chicago Auto Show.

The company is due to introduce its next-generation MX-5 sometime this year, with a redesigned body that promises to be its "best looking car ever." It is expected to feature a visually elongated hood compared to past models, though executives have cautioned that it will not bring retro styling.

It is unclear if the New York show will serve as the unveiling venue for the new MX-5.

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