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Tokyo LIVE: Mazda's rotary-powered RX-Vision concept

by Ronan Glon

The RX-Vision is expected to join the Mazda lineup in the coming years.

Mazda has unveiled a stunning, rotary-powered concept car at the 44th edition of the Tokyo Motor Show.

Dubbed RX-Vision, the concept takes the form of a close-to-production coupe that was built to preview Mazda's next RX-badged sports car. Its front end falls in line with the company's Kodo design language thanks to styling cues such as a shield-shaped grille and thin headlights. Out back, it gains four round tail lamps connected by a razor-thin spoiler and a pair of round exhaust tips.

The RX-Vision offers space for two passengers in a driver-focused cabin that's fitted with the just the bare essentials. The instrument cluster is made up of five analog gauges grouped in three separate pods, the steering is commanded through a retro-inspired three-spoke wheel, and the only button on the center console is the one used to start the engine. There is no infotainment system, and it doesn't look like the coupe is fitted with any kind of climate control unit.

Mazda has opted not to publish technical specifications. All we know at this point is that the concept is powered by a rotary engine dubbed SkyActiv-R that spins the coupe's rear wheels via a manual transmission. The company explains that development of the Wankel engine has been on-going for decades even though it's not currently being mass-produced.

Executives acknowledge there are a few obstacles on the RX-Vision's path to production. However, if everything goes according to plan the coupe will be added to the Mazda lineup as a regular-production model before the end of the decade.

Live images by Ben Hsu.

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